People need the grave

Since Mount Kelud status has been raised to ALERT, peoples who lives around 10 kilometres in the slope of the mountain, must leave their house and stop the activities.

This warning makes peoples confused when they need to bury the died people. Usually they laid to rest peoples in the area around the dangerous area. So, they are not allowed to enter this area. Once, there was an old man died in the evacuation camp. Peoples need to enter the kampong to bury him. They counted, if the guard forbid them entering the area, they would like to put the died body in the guard camp. Gosh!



The new ROO D7 is here

I already ride a folding bike.

The colour is blue, light-dark blue. I got it from Iwan Tenggo in Jembatan Lima. Then, I tried to pedal it to Kuningan. Chris, my brother, needs to see it. Yups. He wants a folding bike too. I folded it and put it while I enjoyed a mug of hot chocolate in starbucks. He came and was so surprised looking at the folding bike. It is my ROO D7.

My bottom and my thigh were weary, peddaling from Jembatan Lima to Kuningan, and continued to Kebayoran Lama. It seems, I need to change saddle and wear the bicycle pants. It will be more comfortable.

Any of you want to pedal it?  


the new glasses

I got it, then wear it.

It is black, light and it is Polo! Yups. It is my new glasses. Esti, my sister, bought it for me. (thanks, sist!) She bought 2 glasses for herself, and one for me. This brand is the same with her, and also the colour. The glass made from plastics. “Get the black frame so that I looks like a teacher!” she ordered.

Mine is black. But do I looks like a teacher?


lunch box

Too many lunch boxes in my cubicle.

The blue-cylinder one, I bought it four years ago. No other colours except the blue one. Another box is made from the glass. I brought it last week to put my emping crackers. *uwh, I want it more!*. Beside that glass-box, I have another three boxes for coffee, tea and chocolate.

I bought a set of lunch box in ikea Berlin. I love it because the red top. Unfortunately, the red top can’t be sticked properly. So, I only use it to put the fruits I buy everyday. The purple top given by my friend’s mother. I like to put the potatoes inside. The bigger one is for my bread’s property. There are breadspread, garlic spread cheese, slices cheese, mustard, ham, and butter.

Do you have any lunch boxes in your cubicle?


i’m falling in love

I’m falling in love. Yeah, I am falling in love.

I really want to scream and tell everybody that I am falling in love. Look, there are thousands red rose growing in my cubicle. Whoops … the rose-jungle! Actually I have tried to clap my cheek repeatedly. I also pinch my stomach, but I found some fat there. I know, I’m really falling in love.

I can’t stop smiling. I can’t stop thinking of him. The calls bring him back to me. He already put my heart in the right place. I remember his crunchy smile. Humm … we need hours to fly and meet, sharing the hearts.

I know, you must be the answer.


the dream of folding bike

In a while, I will have a folding bike.

I really want it. I dream over night after trying to pedal the folding bike. It is nice and cute. I can fold it in my dorm and put it inside my room. So, Koh Handi will not ask extra fee for the bike I put outside.

Well, last two weeks, my friend Acong bought a bike. He bought mountain bike. I don’t like MTB because it is huge and … I have to pay extra fee for parking in the dormitory! Gosh. I can’t imagine it. So. I prefer folding bike. Encis recommends me to buy the folding bike.

And, I got it! In a week, I will ride it.


National Blogger Day

It seems that Blitz Megaplex was not a cinema anymore. It was a giant house. There were 482 peoples inside in the same tag: participants of Blogger Party 2007. We sat together in the same rows, shared about the personal blog to the technology of blogging.

Peoples screamed. We were happy sat together in the house. Wimar Witoelar from perspektif.net came as a moderator. He is the oldest blogger (want to say: the most experienced blogger). Minister for Communication and Information Mohammad Nuh announced officially that October 27 would be National Blogger Day!

Whoops … psst … it must be a holiday!

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